Introducing... Ginger & Jasmine!

Salt of the Earth is pleased to announce the unveiling of our latest natural deodorant scent, Ginger & Jasmine, in spray, roll-on and sustainable refill applications!

Tackling Climate Change with Salt of the Earth

At Salt of the Earth, we are helping to fund climate projects across the globe to reduce our impact on the environment, in partnership with Ecologi. So far, we've funded the planting of over 400 trees, and have offset over 37 tonnes of CO2! 

What Causes Yellow Armpit Staining?

Are you faced with tough stains on the underarms of your clothes when laundry day arrives? Are your white shirts tinged an unpleasant yellow that is difficult to remove? Your anti-perspirant could be the culprit!

3 Sustainable Swaps to Help You Waste Less

Living more sustainably can be difficult, as our modern, fast-paced lifestyles favour disposable, single-use items. Although practicing a sustainable lifestyle can be deemed expensive and impractical, there are many ways to make more eco-conscious choices which can be integrated into your daily routine.

We've Launched NEW 1L Refills!

Salt of the Earth is pleased to announce the expansion of our Refill range to include three scented Spray Refills in a new 1 litre size!

We Are Gold! (Gold)

We always believed in our new Ocean & Coconut Natural Deodorant Spray, and the judges at the 2020 Global Green Beauty Awards believed in it too!  

We’re pleased to announce that our Ocean & Coconut Natural Deodorant Spray has WON the Best Natural Body Product category at the 2020 Global Green Beauty Awards! 

Should You Be Using an Antibacterial Deodorant?

If you have spent the last few months with a bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag (and car, desk drawer, bathroom cupboard and bedside cabinet!), you’ll be pleased to learn that hand gel isn’t the only toiletries product that’s been protecting your body from bacteria.

    How Our Balm Labels Are Made

    Have you tried our Natural Deodorant Balms yet? If so, you may have noticed our new grass paper labels, which are produced using less CO2 and are more sustainable than regular paper.

    New Deodorant Balms Ditch Plastic Packaging!

    Say hello to our brand-new range of natural Deodorant Balms! Created in response to your demand for sustainably packaged products, our Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant Balms are completely plastic free.