Natural Deodorant Spray Refills

Our 500ML and 1 Litre refill bottles can be used to refill our 100ML sprays over and over again! There a great money saving option and a great way to reduce your plastic waste!

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Benefits of Our Spray Refill's!


Long Lasting Protection

Our spray refill bottles offer long lasting protection against body odour while still allowing your body to sweat naturally.



All of our spray refill bottles can be used to refill one of our 100ML sprays, up to 5 or even 10 times!


No White Marks

Our spray's won't leave any white marks on your clothes meaning you don't need to worry about any unsightly marks when getting dressed in the morning!


Suitable From 6+

SOTE's spray refill's are suitable for the whole family to use! And with so many
scents to choose from there's bound to be something for everyone!


Made In The UK

All our spray refill's are made in our Chandlers Ford warehouse!


Natural Botanical Aroma

The fragrance in our spray refill bottles all come from natural, botanical sources rather than synthetic ingredients.

Refill your Spray!

Help reduce plastic, and save yourself some money, by refilling your spray deodorant!

Depending on what scent you go for you could refill your bottle up to 5 or even 10 times! Meaning your using 60% less plastic then you normally would by just buying a new deodorant!

It's really easy to do, take the cap off your spray bottle and unscrew the nozzle, grab your refill bottle in whatever scent you like (doesn't have to be the same scent you chose
before!) and get pouring! Leave a little bit of room for the nozzle to go back in, screw it back on and you're ready to go!

Our Spray Refill Bottles Are Certified By:


Vegan Society & Vegetarian Society

All Salt of the Earth products are vegan, as certified by The Vegan Society and approved by The Vegetarian Society.



Our COSMOS Natural certification emphasise's our commitment to environmentally friendly processes and responsible use of natural resources, including no GMOs, no controversial chemicals and the use of recyclable packaging.


Leaping Bunny

We are proud to be Leaping Bunny Approved. A global programme, Leaping Bunny requires cruelty free standards over and above legal

Refilling Your Spray Deodorant FAQ's