Salt of the Earth's Natural Deodorants now Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly!

Salt of the Earth's Natural Deodorants now Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly! - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

Salt of the Earth, has recently become Amazon climate pledge friendly. This achievement is a significant milestone for us, as it highlights our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

But what does it mean to be Amazon climate pledge friendly? Amazon launched the Climate Pledge in 2019, which is a commitment to reach the Paris Agreement’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade ahead of the agreement's target. The Climate Pledge encourages businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable by promoting the use of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and other green initiatives.

To become a part of the Amazon climate pledge friendly scheme, businesses must meet certain criteria, including reducing their carbon footprint, committing to renewable energy, and providing detailed information on their sustainability initiatives. By meeting these requirements, businesses can earn the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge, which helps customers identify sustainable products.

Our journey towards Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly involved obtaining the COSMOS natural standard certification from the Soil Association. This certification ensures that our products are made using natural ingredients, and that our production processes are environmentally friendly. We are delighted to offer our customers a range of natural, eco-friendly deodorants and hand wash products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from aluminium chlorohydrate, parabens, and other controversial chemicals.

At Salt of the Earth, we believe that sustainability and ethical production are essential parts of our ethos. We are committed to providing natural alternatives to conventional deodorants and hand wash products. Our COSMOS natural standard certification reflects our commitment to sustainability, and we are proud to have earned the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge.

We would like to thank our customers for their support in our journey towards sustainability. By choosing our natural deodorants and hand wash products, you are not only making a positive impact on the environment but also on your health. We are excited to continue developing innovative products that are good for both you and the planet.

We hope you enjoyed this update, and we look forward to sharing more news about our sustainability initiatives with you soon. Thank you for being part of our journey towards a more sustainable future!

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