How eco-friendly is your natural deodorant?

How eco-friendly is your natural deodorant?

Here at Salt of the Earth we take our commitment to creating eco-friendly natural deodorants seriously. Let's look at the how and where our products are produced...

As a leading natural deodorant brand we are proud of our eco-friendly credentials so let's dive into the detail and find out how our products are made and what their environmental impact is.

There is no doubt that figuring out whether a deodorant truly is environmentally friendly can be quite tricky. There are no regulations that prohibit brands from making claims and while a brand may state on its packaging that it's a green and clean option, we would always recommend to look a little deeper and ask a few questions, such as the ones we're posing below.

Question 1: Where is the natural deodorant made?

If a product is made on the other side of the world, it will cause some amount of air pollution to get it from the factory into your hands - and armpits! Buying products that are made closer to home will always be a more eco-friendly option.

Most of our deos are made at our factory in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, which produces all of our products with the exception of the Crystal deodorants, which are made abroad.

Our factory is run on electricity from 100% renewable sources and produces our spray, roll-on, stick & balm deodorants and our foaming hand wash.

Question 2: Are the ingredients harmful to the environment?

You can check the ingredient list of any product on its packaging. This list can be hard to decipher as it can contain a lot of scientific names, but it's worth taking a closer look as brands will have to disclose everything that is present in the formulation of the product. Ingredient lists never lie!

Buying products that are certified natural will show you an ingredient list that is free from any potentially harmful chemicals. Natural ingredients are kinder to the environment and therefore, if you're looking for a eco option when purchasing deodorants, choose a certified natural or organic product.

All Salt of the Earth products are Certified Natural by COSMOS and Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society.

To find out more about how you can know whether your deo is truly organic or natural, have a read of our recent blog post on this topic here.

Question 3: What is the product packaging made of?

We are always working at improving our eco friendly packaging options and currently we offer plastic-free options and refillable options. Plastic packaging can be recycled in most countries, but it's always better to reduce the amount of plastic we put in the recycling bin as the plastic recycling process itself has an environmental impact.

Our plastic-free packaging options are either glass or cardboard, which work really well for our deodorant balms and stick deodorants.

We launched a refillable option for the roll-ons, spray deos and stick deodorants  to help reduce the amount of plastic that gets thrown away. For instance, did you know that purchasing a 525ml refill bottle of any roll-on deodorant will save up to 65% of plastic waste, if you compare purchasing 1 x refill bottle with purchasing 5 individual roll-on deos?


Question 4: Does the company support an environmental cause?

As our climate is changing, it's important to safeguard and restore nature as much as possible. Here at Salt of the Earth, we have funded the planting of more than 12,000 trees and have supported over 40 environmental projects. You can see our positive impact here.

So, always ask questions when searching for environmentally friendly brands. On that note, if you have any questions for our team about our environmental credentials, don't hesitate to get in touch as we're here to help.


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