Salt of the Earth: “Keeping you odour free since ‘93”

Salt of the Earth “Kinder to your body and the planet, since 1993” 

When you shop with Salt of the Earth, you can rest assured that we are working hard to help and support our consumers, as we all strive to reduce our carbon footprint and limit the impact on our precious planet.   


An Independent Family Business

Established back in 1993, Salt of the Earth was adopted in 2005 by mother and son team Thomas and Sally where they began working from Sally’s home! Salt of the Earth’s range of natural deodorants reflects their vision and passion for environmentally friendly, natural skincare products that are as effective as they are ethical.



100% Natural Origin! Salt of the Earth products contain ingredients of 100% natural origin and always have done. We don’t compromise on the quality of our ingredients, so you can be assured that all the ingredients we use are certified 100% natural. 

Ingredients are derived from plants and naturally occurring minerals, including the fragrances being from essential oils and botanical extracts.

To give our consumers’ confidence in our claims we have several third-party certifications. Our UK manufactured products are certified by the Soil Association, COSMOS Natural; meaning we use only ingredients approved to the rigorous, third-party standard of COSMOS.   

See our Certification Page for more information about COSMOS!


We have 7 different formats of deodorants to choose from, we’ve done this so we can supply a larger range of people as they aren’t limited to just one product. The benefit of this is they can find something that works for them, but it also means that they can have a choice of packaging options. We have normal spray and roll-on deodorants, deodorant sticks that come in plastic or cardboard packaging and even balms that come in glass jars, so if your impact on the environment is something that concerns you then we have an option for you!

We believe that if energy has gone into producing an item then we should make it the best product it can be while also producing something that can be refilled and reused by the consumer! We were one of the first companies to pioneer refillable deodorants way back in 2013 and since launching our refillable spray deodorants we’ve sold enough of our spray refills to save
the equivalent of half a million individual plastic bottles from being used and in turn going to landfill!

Back in 2020 we changed over to a more sustainable packaging option for our Deodorant Sprays, they are now made from 50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic and 50% sugarcane-based biopolymer, to help reduce our impact on the environment. Our Natural Deodorant Sticks and Plastic Free Refills, gives consumers total choice over refillable plastic or, plastic free. The Plastic Free Refills, made of FSC cardboard and greaseproof paper, with a grass paper label can either be used to top up the deodorant stick or as a standalone product. The plastic deodorant stick is made from 100% PCR plastic, great for on the go with a screw top lid, can be refilled with the plastic free option.


Made in the UK

All deodorant sprays, roll-ons, balms, and sticks* from Salt of the Earth are proudly produced in our UK facility! Our headquarters and warehouse are located in Chandlers Ford Hampshire, and is run on electricity from 100% renewable sources, this comes from clean sources including wind, solar and hydro and the supplier backs this with renewable certificates to guarantee its origin.

From here we ship to customers and distributors all over the world!

*Our Crystals are not made in the UK.



2020 also saw the launch of our Natural Deodorant Balms, packaged in a recyclable glass jar (of recycled content) with a metal lid and a sustainable grass paper label, the balms helped expand our plastic free range for consumers who are conscious of the products they use and the waste produced.

In 2022 we released a Refillable version of our Natural Deodorant Roll-Ons, giving consumers an option to refill their roll-ons at home rather than using single use plastic bottles, they are paired with a 525ML refill bottle, both which have PCR content. The 525ML refill bottle allows you to refill the 75ML roll on bottle up to 7 times, saving 65% plastic compared to buying a new bottle each time!


In 2020 we began partnering with Ecologi, an organisation that funds climate projects across the globe while also planting trees to help us reduce our impact on the environment and offset our CO2 production! Since then we’ve helped plant almost 12,000 trees and offset nearly 400 tonnes of CO2 while helping to fund 43 projects across the world.

These projects include working with Eden Reforestation to preserve important Brazilian Rainforest, plant responsibly in locations where mass deforestation has occurred and working to support clean energy projects like wind farms and hydropower stations. With forests the size of a football pitch disappearing from the Amazon Rainforest every minute, planting trees is an important part of helping to battle climate change.


We’ve helped save over 500,000 plastic bottles through sales of our refills


Our factory is powered by 100% sustainable electricity