Vegetarian and Vegan Natural Deodorant

Vegetarian and Vegan Natural Deodorant

Crystal Spring’s full range of award-winning natural deodorants are safe to use by Vegetarians and Vegans.  


We operate a strict no animal testing policy. We never test on animals.

No animal ingredients or animal by-products. Our Salt of the Earth deodorant range contains no animal ingredients or ingredients made from animal by-products.

Our Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants are a long-lasting, effective and cruelty free way to banish body odour. They work by leaving a thin layer of mineral salts on the skin, these salts are antibacterial and they actively combat the cause of body odour. Bacteria on the skin breaks down sweat into an odorous chemical form, Salt of the Earth deodorants prevent the growth of this bacteria, helping to keep you fresh and odour free all day. Naturally.

Our Natural Spray Deodorants are made in the UK.


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