Travelling this Summer? Salt of the Earth's got you covered!

Travelling this Summer? Salt of the Earth's got you covered!
Summer is definitely here in the UK, the weather has been warming up and holidays are on the horizon! Whether your going abroad or enjoying a stay cation in the UK, natural deodorant is definitely something you’re going to be packing in your bag!

If your planning to go abroad this year then you’ve probably been looking into all the restrictions there are for traveling with liquids! Lucky for you, Salt of the Earth’s got you covered! All of our products (other than the refill’s!) are within the limits of what you can take in your hand luggage (up to 100ml) and let’s face it, everyone wants to keep their deodorant close to hand when you’ve been stuck in a plane for a few hours!

So whether you like to use a deodorant spray, a roll-on, a deo stick or one of our crystals, you can travel comfortably knowing that they wont put you over the limit making you give up something else important (like sunscreen!)

Ocean & Coconut Deodorant SprayVetiver & Citrus Deodorant Stick RefillGinger & Jasmine Deodorant Refillable Roll-OnClasic 90G Crystal

Or if you’re someone that likes to make sure they have all of the comforts of home with them when there away then you might consider taking one of our Crystal Travel Deodorant’s with you, there only 50G and will fit in the side pocket of your luggage perfectly! You won’t even notice its there!

Travel Crystal 50G

Plus its made purely from natural mineral salts and is great at keeping body-odour at bay, it can last for months (even if you top up multiple times a day!) so its perfect for extended holidays or multiple trips throughout the year!


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