Sweat Wars!

Sweat Wars! - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

Men Vs Women

Weight, level of fitness, genetics and temperature affect how much men and women sweat, but numerous studies have found that regardless of any of these factors, men are the sweatier sex.

Japanese researchers carried out a study on 37 men and women of varying levels of fitness and monitored their sweat production during an hour of cycling at various intensities. The results found that physical fitness affected sweat production in both sexes, with the participants who regularly exercised producing more sweat than those who didn’t. However, as the intensity increased, the difference between the sexes became more pronounced and it was the men with the higher fitness levels that sweated the most.

Why do men sweat more than women?

There are a few differing theories on this, but one thing is certain - women have just as many sweat glands as men, but men produce more sweat per gland, which is why when you’re doing your spin class, it’s usually the men surrounded by unsightly puddles, not the women.  

Sweating is the body’s natural cooling method and muscle mass generates heat during exercise. Men tend to be heavier with a greater muscle mass, so it’s natural their cooling system needs to be more efficient. Testosterone is also thought to play a part. Men begin to sweat at lower temperatures than women and when testosterone levels are increased, a shorter onset time for sweating ensues, whereas high levels of oestradiol in men correlated with a longer onset time for sweating.

You also can’t ignore the natural physiology of women and the fact is that women generally have less body fluid stores than men, becoming dehydrated quicker. Because of this, women can’t afford to lose as much fluid as men and therefore it’s likely their bodies adopt additional cooling methods, losing more heat through the surface of the skin.

Sweating is good

Regardless of what sex you are and how fit you are, sweating is good! It removes toxins from the body and stops you from overheating during exercise. The more you exercise, the more you’re likely to sweat and it’s important you allow your body to do this.

Traditional antiperspirants work by obstructing sweat production, blocking the skin’s pores with harsh chemicals such as aluminium chloride. As a healthier alternative, why not try a natural deodorant? Salt of the Earth offers a wide range of scented and unscented natural deodorant sprays for men and women, which won’t block your pores. Instead they work with your skin’s natural response to exercise, sitting on the surface of the skin, inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria – 100% natural and kind to your skin.



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