Rock Deodorant - The Natural Way to Deodorise

Rock Deodorant - The Natural Way to Deodorise

Rock deodorants: nature's own deodorant. Crystal Spring's range of natural rock deodorants are made from pure potassium alum, a naturally occurring mineral salt. The natural antibacterial action of the mineral works hard to prevent odour. To see the full range of Crystal Spring rock deodorants, click here.

How Do Rock Deodorants Work?

Rock deodorants work to prevent odour from forming, rather than simply masking the smell. When applied to wet skin a thin, invisible layer of antibacterial mineral salts is left on the skin. The salt particles do not clog pores so rock deodorants do not prevent sweating, but since sweating is a natural and necessary function, this is no bad thing. Sweat is not the cause of body odour; it is in fact generally odourless. Odour is caused by bacteria breaking down sweat into chemicals that release that distinctive BO smell. The antibacterial action of the rock deodorant prevents bacteria from growing, keeping you fresh and odour free.

The process of making a rock deodorant stone is simple, like nature intended; the potassium alum crystals are mined, shaped and packaged. To shape them they may be polished, or melted and then poured into moulds. Naturally occurring crystals come in all shapes and sizes and may have sharp edges, so it is for practical reasons that they are shaped; usually in a cylindrical fashion – to make application easier and gentler.

How are Natural Rock Deodorants Made?

The process of making a rock deodorant spray is simple too, but there is the addition of two extra natural ingredients. Potassium alum is dissolved in water, at a slight temperature of 40 Degrees Celsius. Honeysuckle is then added to the mixture, to improve the antibacterial performance of the spray.

Salt of the Earth Rock deodorants are a naturally effective way of staying odour-free. They offer long lasting protection and are gentle on skin. They are unscented, unisex, not tested on animals and do not leave white marks on clothes.


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