Plastic Free July - Start your journey today with Salt of the Earth Deodorant

Plastic Free July - Start your journey today with Salt of the Earth Deodorant
It’s Plastic Free July!

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. With billions of tons of plastic waste accumulating in our oceans and landfills, it's crucial for individuals and companies alike to take responsibility for reducing their plastic consumption.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the concept of Plastic-Free July and introduce Salt of the Earth Deodorant as the perfect plastic-free solution for personal care.

Plastic-Free July is an annual global movement aimed at raising awareness and encouraging people to refuse or reuse single-use plastics for one month. The hope is to encourage consumers to either refuse or reuse items like plastic bags, bottles, straws and food packaging while also seeking out more sustainable long term alternatives.

When it comes to personal care products, plastic packaging has always been a significant contributor to our plastic waste footprint. Most peoples bathroom cabinets and sides are full of plastic bottles for everything from shampoo to deodorant and everything in-between! While plastic free items and reusable bottles are slowly making their way into the market, there is a really easy swap you can make right now and that’s your deodorant.

Here at Salt of the Earth we have a number of different formats of plastic free deodorant including balms, crystals and deodorant sticks. All 3 come in completely plastic free packaging and are easily recycled at home. In addition to its plastic-free packaging, our deodorants are made with mineral salts, botanical extracts, and essential oils that combat odour-causing bacteria naturally. By avoiding controversial chemicals like aluminium chlorohydrate and parabens, Salt of the Earth Deodorant ensures a gentle, skin-friendly formula that keeps you feeling fresh all day long.

Not only are these products plastic free but they can also last a lot longer than your typical deodorant or anti-antiperspirant, saving you money in the long run while also starting your sustainable personal care journey!

By embracing plastic free products your are actively contributing to reducing the demand for plastic, minimizing your ecological footprint and helping to protect the environment for future generations.

You can visit: for more tips to help get you started!


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