New fragrance launch - Clary Sage and Mint!

New fragrance launch - Clary Sage and Mint!
Step into a realm of unparalleled freshness with our latest fragrance –Clary Sage and Mint. We’re thrilled to introduce this captivating fusion that will be joining the rest of our fragrances, meaning we now have 11 fragrances available, something for everyone!

Embark on a sensorial journey where the invigorating burst of cool, refreshing mint harmonizes seamlessly with the timeless wisdom of clary sage. The result is a fragrance that not only promises to keep you confidently odour-free but also elevates your daily ritual to new heights of tranquillity.

Imagine the crisp, minty notes dancing in harmony with the earthy and herbaceous tones of clary sage, creating a nuanced aromatic experience that lingers throughout the day. This sophisticated fusion doesn't just embrace freshness; it transforms it into a luxurious celebration, adding a touch of nature-inspired opulence to your personal care routine.
As you navigate the unique challenges of menopause, Salt of the Earth's Clary Sage and Mint deodorant offers a refreshing approach to self-care. Drawing from the timeless wisdom of clary sage, this deodorant infuses a touch of natural serenity into your daily ritual. Clary sage, celebrated for its calming and soothing properties, becomes a companion in your journey, providing a fragrant respite during moments of change.

Beyond mere freshness, this deodorant is crafted to provide a sensorial experience that seamlessly complements your lifestyle. Let the soothing essence of Clary Sage and Mint accompany you throughout the day, contributing to a relaxed state of mind. This aromatic journey is an invitation to redefine your freshness and transform every moment into a celebration of your well-being.

Available in both our 100ML Refillable Spray Deodorant and our 75ML Refillable Roll-On, the perfect blend of convenience and sustainability, it allows you to indulge in the enchanting Clary Sage & Mint scent while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Our  Clary Sage and Mint deodorant is not just a product; it's a holistic approach to self-care. Embrace the layers of this captivating fragrance, let it be your daily ritual, and elevate your moments with a burst of nature-inspired tranquillity. Redefine your freshness, embrace the serenity, and make every day a celebration of your well-being.


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