Best natural deodorants for kids in 2023

Best natural deodorants for kids in 2023 - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

The best natural deodorants for kids and pre-teens in 2023

As a parent, we are there to guide our kids and help them along the way; helping them with friendship struggles, finding hobbies that will stick, supporting their school learning... we are there on the sidelines, cheering them on.

It's a funny journey, full of surprises, because, look... now you're here researching the best deodorants for kids! ;)

And isn't deodorant for grown-ups? Well, let's have a look at what age deodorants can be used from and what safe options there are available.

What age can kids start using deodorant?

First of all, every child will develop differently so while your 9 year old may have a strong body odour, your friend's 9 year old may not smell at all. Research has shown there is a direct link between the presence of arm pit hair and body odour, so as soon as a few hairs are growing in the arm pit area, you may find your child is getting a bit smelly during the day or after exercise. This is because sweat - which on its own doesn't smell - attaches itself to the hair and the armpits then become a breeding ground for bacteria, which is what can cause an unpleasant smell. 

In general, there is no official advice out there regarding the starting age of using deodorant, but as mentioned above, you may want to consider a deodorant for your child when you start seeing armpit hair and / or are noticing a body odour that is a bit smelly.

However, it is known that infants' skin - up to the age of 5 according to this research - is more sensitive because their skin barrier is more permeable and that's why it's often not advised to use heavily perfumed or chemical laden products on kids' skin.

As a first introduction to deodorant, it's a good idea to select a completely natural deodorant that is free from potentially irritating ingredients. That way there is less chance of a skin reaction and you can be sure it's safe to use

Here at Salt of the Earth, we believe in using only 100% natural origin ingredients because we know that these work as well - if not better - in keeping body odours at bay without any of the risk that synthetic chemical formulations bring.

But.. what type of natural deodorants are there available that are safe for children? Actually, there is plenty of choice... depending on what your child prefers. Let's have a closer look.

Types of natural deodorants for kids and pre-teens

  •  Crystal deodorant for kids

We developed a crystal deodorants specifically for kids: the Rock Chick Crystal Deodorant

Made purely from natural mineral salts and providing long-lasting, effective protection from body-odour, this deo is kind to young skin and free from the harsh chemicals often found in traditional antiperspirants.

Just apply to damp skin after washing. It will leave a thin layer of natural mineral salts on the skin; these mineral salts are a natural deodorant and inhibit the formation of body odour on your skin, providing you with long lasting protection.

The Salt of the Earth Rock Chick Crystal deodorant is a 90g stick of pure Potassium Alum, a natural mineral salt that has been used as a deodorant for hundreds of years. Our crystal deodorants are fragrance free so they won’t interfere with other fragrances like perfume or body lotion.

  • Roll-on deodorant for kids

One of our latest launches, the refillable roll-on deodorants are eco-friendly, effective and come in 10 different fragrances. The Sweet Strawberry fragrance is popular with kids who like sweet, feminine scents, while the Ocean & Coconut fragrance will suit those who like more of a fresh, unisex fragrance. 

Our improved formula contains natural moisturising ingredients, and features quicker drying and increased protection against body odour.

And if your child is very eco conscious, then it's good to know that the roll-ons are refillable. It can be refilled up to 7 times using one of the 525ml roll-on refill bottles.  One roll-on refill uses 65% less plastic than seven roll-ons - a great eco friendly option!

  • Spray deodorant for kids

Super quick and instantly refreshing, some kids may just prefer a spray deodorant. However. traditional aerosols are bad for the environment and our health (you can read more about this here) so we use a pump spray with no CFCs or propellants instead.

Oh and it's refillable, making this a great eco option too!

There are 10 different fragrances in the range - including Sweet Strawberry, Ocean and Coconut and Melon & Cucumber.

  • Stick deodorant for kids

Natural stick deodorant contain a blend of natural ingredients in a smooth solid stick that can be easily applied to underarms for long lasting freshness. Our natural deodorant sticks come in a range of exciting fragrances, contain moisturising oils and are completely refillable.

Lot of scents to choose from - have a look here to find your favourite!

  • Fragrance-free deodorant for kids

If you don't want any fragrance, because your child doesn't like fragrances or it may upset his or her skin, then don't worry - we have all of the deo formats mentioned above in a fragrance free version. From an Unscented Roll-on to an Unscented Spray, you can discover the full range here.

Also, all our Crystal Deodorants are fragrance free too and will last a very long time; many of our customers who are sensitive to other deodorants find that this works well for them.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options and we hope that this helps you find that first deodorant for your child that does the job without too much fuss.

If you have any specific questions about the right deo choice for your child, please reach out to us at any time on  as we are here to help.



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