31 Years of Freshness: Celebrating Salt of the Earth Deodorant!

31 Years of Freshness: Celebrating Salt of the Earth Deodorant!
We're absolutely thrilled to announce a major milestone: Salt of the Earth Deodorant has just turned 31! That's over three decades of keeping you smelling fresh and feeling fantastic!

Let's take a moment to reflect on our journey together. It began with a bold vision: crafting a deodorant that's kind to your body and the Earth. We embraced nature's wisdom, formulating our product with mineral salts, leaving behind controversial chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Since our start in 1993 with our Crystal Classic Deodorant, which remains a top seller, we've expanded our range to include Refillable Sprays, Refillable Roll-Ons, Refillable Sticks, Balms, and more! We have eleven different permanent fragrances, plus some limited editions, so hopefully there's something for everyone!

Salt of the Earth's Melon & Cucumber Spray DeodoranSalt of the Earth's Ocean & Cucumber Refillable Roll-On Deodorant
While we may have started small, our impact has extended far beyond our local community. We now sell in over 35 countries around the world and this continues to grow all the time! From day one, you've been our rock-solid supporters, and we can't thank you enough for standing by us through thick and thin. We've helped to changed the game in personal care, showing that sustainability and effectiveness can work together seamlessly.

Kinder to your body and the planet - COSMOS Natural, Cruelty Free International, Vegan & Vegetarian
Sustainability isn't just a word for us – it's at the core of everything we do. We're all about using 100% natural origin ingredients, cutting down on waste, a nd sticking to ethical standards, like saying no to animal testing. Because caring for the planet is just as important as caring for your well-being.

Let's not overlook the influence we've had together. Thanks to your unwavering support, we've encouraged a move toward thoughtful decisions, showing that even small choices, like picking a natural deodorant, can make a big difference.

What's next for us? The possibilities are endless! With your ongoing support, we'll continue to break new ground, spreading freshness everywhere and contributing to a better world, one armpit at a time.

As we celebrate 31 years of loyalty and shared values, let's aim higher as we continue to keep things fresh and make a positive impact on the world together for many more years to come.


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