Top Tips for Natural Living in 2017

Top Tips for Natural Living in 2017 - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

With 2017 fast approaching, some of you may already be thinking about how you can adopt a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

Natural living isn’t something that can be achieved overnight, but there are a few simple changes that you could consider making which will immediately help encourage a new, healthier you.

Here are our 8 simple steps towards a healthier and more natural 2017:

  1. Cut down on your car use – before you pick up your keys to pop to the shop, think about putting on your trainers, or dusting off your bicycle. The same is true of lifts – next time you are in a shopping centre or office block, consider using the stairs rather than using the lift.

  2. Cook from scratch – this doesn’t have to be difficult, and with a little preparation can actually prove to be as quick as heating up a microwave meal. Try making your own pasta sauce and freezing it in individual portions – it’s free from all the added salt and sugar, quick and easy to defrost, and you can make enough to last a couple of weeks at a time.

  3. Grow your own – even if you don’t have a garden, most people have some outdoor space that can be used to grow vegetables. Carrots and potatoes will grow happily in buckets or containers, even on a balcony.

  4. Waste less – by cooking from scratch you will automatically cut down on the food packaging you bring into your house and by serving smaller portions and ensuring leftovers are used, you can reduce food waste too.

  5. Exercise – It sounds obvious, but exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body, so get active!

  6. Drink more water – it’s free and essential to your body’s daily functions. If you’re aware that you don’t drink enough water, start by substituting one of your cups of tea or coffee in the morning and try to increase your intake every week.

  7. Natural beauty – don’t cover your body in chemicals as part of your daily beauty regime. Start reading the labels on your shampoo, make up and even toothpaste. You’ll be surprised how many needless chemicals are hidden in beauty products. Instead, look for more natural alternatives - choosing a natural deodorant that’s free from aluminium and parabens is a good start!

  8. Spirit and mind – you’d be amazed how much junk food is consumed due to stress. Reducing your stress levels will help you make more healthy choices. Have you considered taking up Thai Chi or Yoga? Good for reducing stress and increasing your activity levels.


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