Real Stories - Switching to a Natural Deodorant

Real Stories - Switching to a Natural Deodorant - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

When switching from a traditional antiperspirant to a natural deodorant for the first time, some people experience a short transition period where they sweat a little more or find that they smell a little different. This is a natural detoxification process, affecting some people but not others.

To provide some insight into switching from a traditional deodorant or antiperspirant to a natural alternative, we’ve spoken to our long-term customer and lifestyle blogger Fifi Friendly.

Why did you choose to switch to a natural deodorant?

A few reasons. Better for my skin and genuinely curious after reading about it online.

How long have you been using natural deodorant for?

7 years!

Did you experience a ‘detox’ period when switching to natural deodorant? If so, what was your experience like & how long did it last for?

Really not that long. A few days at most.

Was the detox period worth it?


Which Salt of the Earth deodorant is your go-to?

Crystal Classic or Ocean & Coconut Spray

What makes Salt of the Earth deodorant one of your favourites?

It works, smells great, and doesn’t irritate my skin like some other natural deodorant brands. I like that I can use the Crystal Deodorant straight from the shower! I also love that you can refill the sprays.

My kids now use Salt of the Earth deodorants. My rugby-loving son likes the Amber & Sandalwood scent, and my daughter loves the Melon & Cucumber scent, it’s so fresh!

What would you say to those who are on the fence about switching to a natural deodorant?

Try it. Anyone I have recommended it to have loved it!

If you’ve been thinking about switching to a natural deodorant, why not try out Salt of the Earth? Established in 1993, Salt of the Earth is an environmentally friendly, family-owned brand that produces vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, Vegetarian Society, and Vegan Society approved natural skincare products. Since the launch of our pioneer product, the Crystal Classic deodorant, Salt of the Earth has developed a range of award-winning deodorant sprays, roll-ons and travel sprays formulated for men, women and children. Find our range of products at your local Waitrose, Boots, Holland & Barrett or independent health retailer across the UK and Europe, or find us on Amazon - just search ‘Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants’.


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