New Year, New You Detox

New Year, New You Detox - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

Post-Christmas and it’s time for the inevitable detox! Keep yourself on the straight and narrow with our 8 top tips for a New Year, New You Detox:

  1. Make it tasty – detoxing is always associated with constant feelings of hunger and depriving yourself of nice foods, but there are plenty of tasty recipes that include herbs, spices and vegetables with detoxifying properties. Garlic for example, cleanses the liver and drives away infection, while beetroot helps purify your blood.

  2. Detox gradually – slowly integrating detoxifying foods into your life, means you’re more likely to stick with your new regime for longer.

  3. Re-alkalise – post Christmas our bodies are usually very acidic as a result of all the extra sugar we’ve consumed. This makes it harder for our immune systems to fight infections. To re-alkalise your system, try adding a supergreen powder to your morning routine, which you can purchase at any health food shop. Supergreen powder is packed with a mixture of plant algaes, which help your body detoxify quickly and safely.

  4. Fight hunger pains with hydration – drinking more water is a necessary part of any detox. The ideal amount is 2 litres per day. If you’re feeling hungry, drink a pint of water first, as it may save you from consuming unnecessary extra calories.

  5. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol – many extreme detoxes can cause headaches from cutting out stimulants such coffee and alcohol. Reduce your caffeine intake gradually, and your body will find it easier to adjust and you’ll find it easier to stick to.

  6. Get moving – detoxes are not all about food!  You should try to increase your daily exercise for an all-round fitter, healthier you. If you’re not naturally a gym goer, don’t force yourself, it won’t work! A fitness tracker is a good investment for the New Year. Set your step target to 10,000 steps a day and start walking – you’ll shift those Christmas calories faster and feel better in no time.

  7. Clear out your cupboards – use your Christmas leftovers to create healthy tasty recipes, then clear out all the naughties that will tempt you to stray off the healthy track.

  8. Go natural – finally, try introducing some natural products to your body care routine. Many mainstream beauty/bodycare products contain unnecessary chemicals, which can be absorbed through your skin. Making a few simple swaps can mean a healthier, cleaner you.

If you’re considering swapping to a natural deodorant as part of your new year detox, take a look at our range of scented and unscented natural deodorant sprays. They’re free from nasty chemicals and won’t block your pores like traditional antiperspirants.


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