Going for Triple Platinum

Going for Triple Platinum - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

We’re excited to announce that our 3 fab new Salt of the Earth scented natural deodorant sprays have been entered in the 2017 Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards!

The prestigious Janey Loves Platinum Awards are presented each year for excellence and innovation in natural, eco and organic products. Winners are selected after ‘real life’ testing by a panel of celebrity judges, but also following a count of consumer votes – this means you can help! If you’re already loving our new scented sprays, please support us by click on the banner below to vote.


Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards 2017


Previously, Pure Aura: Lavender & Vanilla and our unisex Natural Deodorant Spray and Foot Deodorant Spray have achieved Platinum Award status, so we hope the new products will gain the same recognition and become firm favourites with our loyal customers.

If you love Pure Aura: Melon & Cucumber, Pure Armour: Explorer and Rock Chick: Strawberry Sweet then vote now!


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