Deodorant Stones

Deodorant Stones

In recent years natural cosmetics have become extremely popular, and natural deodorant stones are no different.

What are Natural Deodorant Stones?

Natural deodorant stones are made from potassium alum, a naturally occurring mineral salt found as encrustations on rocks. Potassium alum looks much like a crystal, it is a translucent white colour and contains fractures or ‘veins’ like those found in marble.

A bit About Potassium Alum

Potassium alum is used for a great many applications, including as water treatment, as an aftershave and to treat canker sores and haemorrhoids. Potash alum has antibacterial and styptic properties, making it a very valuable and beneficial product.

When used as a deodorant stone it utilises its antibacterial properties to prevent body odour. BO is caused by bacteria on the skin breaking down sweat into chemicals which emit that distinctive smell. When applied, the deodorant stone leaves a thin layer of salts on the skin, which prevent bacteria from growing, keeping you fresh and odour free all day.

Why Choose Natural Deodorant Stones Over Conventional Antiperspirants?

Deodorant stones differ from conventional deodorants and antiperspirants because they work to prevent odour, rather than simply using fragrances to mask it and they do not contain chemicals which clog pores and block sweat.

Deodorant stones are a natural and extremely effective way to prevent body odour, which is why they are becoming more and more popular.

However, this increase in popularity has led to synthetic versions of these deodorants being manufactured and sold. These ‘deodorant stones’ are made by synthesizing aluminium hydroxide with acid and are certainly NOT natural.

Crystal Spring has been selling completely natural, potassium alum deodorant stones since 1993. Our deodorants are really effective and offer long-lasting protection. They are unscented and unisex, they don’t leave white marks on your clothes and they are not tested on animals. They are simple and effective, the way nature intended.


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