Athleisure Beauty Explained…

Athleisure Beauty Explained… - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

If you’ve heard the term ‘athleisure’ and had to swiftly type it into Google, Wikipedia will tell you it refers to a fashion trend, where clothes designed for workouts and other sport related activities are being worn in normal every day settings, such as shopping, school or work.

So, what’s ‘athleisure beauty?’

With the latest fashions in active wear influencing what we wear on the high-street, it’s no wonder that gym junkies are also growing increasingly conscious about looking good while working out, and the beauty industry has been quick to respond! Athleisure beauty refers to makeup and other body care products, which are designed to be gentle on your skin during a workout, keeping you looking and smelling fresh, without hindering your skin’s natural response to exercise.

As we exercise our sweat glands are responsible for cooling the skin and removing toxins, so it’s important that any products used during exercise allow this process. With society’s increased focus on wellness and fitness, workout proof products are now lining shelves across the globe, and unsurprisingly it’s natural beauty brands that are leading the charge.

Over the past 12 months natural beauty products have boomed in popularity and research shows that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just stop at the checkout for these discerning shoppers. In fact a survey found “Consumers who buy natural/organic personal care products are 45% more likely to exercise and 29% more likely to belong to gyms than those that don’t”.

So, with natural products and an active lifestyle going hand in hand, it’s hardly surprising the natural deodorant market is flourishing. Consumers want effective long-lasting protection from body odour, without the use of the harsh chemicals found in traditional antiperspirants.

The Salt of the Earth natural deodorant range comprises 100% natural ingredients, specially formulated to combat odour-causing bacteria, without clogging your pores. Available as a crystal stick and in a range of fragranced and unisex sprays, Salt of the Earth is the perfect addition to your gym bag, and with looking good high on the agenda, it won’t even leave embarrassing white marks on your clothes!  



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