And relax… with sandalwood

And relax… with sandalwood - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

We’ve used sandalwood in our new Salt of the Earth Amber & Sandalwood Natural Deodorant  spray and roll on, but aside from its sweet woody smell, what are the benefits of this essential oil and why is it good for your health?

Both in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, sandalwood oil is believed to be beneficial in the treatment of physical and psychological disorders. It can be absorbed directly through the skin, inhaled for the treatment of coughs and colds, or simply used to scent a room and create a relaxing ambience.

Here are 8 reasons to bring sandalwood oil into your life:

  1. Mental health – sandalwood is thought to be helpful in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. Inhaling the oil or absorbing it through the skin, is thought to transmit messages to the parts of the brain which control emotions.
  2. Physical health – bronchitis, diarrhoea, fatigue, fever, gallbladder problems, high blood pressure, indigestion, liver problems, sore throats and urinary tract infections, are just some of the ailments that sandalwood oil is thought to alleviate.
  3. Natural aphrodisiac – in traditional Indian medicine practices, sandalwood oil is used as a natural aphrodisiac to increase libido.
  4. Mild astringent – sandalwood oil can induce minor contractions in soft tissue and is often used in facial products to soothe and tighten the skin.
  5. Antiseptic – applied directly to the skin, sandalwood oil can reduce inflammation from mild skin irritations such as spots, warts and minor wounds. If applying direct to your skin, be sure to test on a small area first.
  6. Anti-ageing – high in antioxidants, sandalwood oil can reduce damage caused by free radicals, which promote ageing.
  7. Fighting cancer – tests on animals have shown sandalwood oil and its active component, alpha-santalol, can act as chemopreventive agents.
  8. Cleaning – like many essential oils, sandalwood can be used around the home as a natural cleaning product, particularly popular due to its antiseptic and antiviral properties.
Amber & Sandalwood natural deodorant - Crystal Spring

To add a little sandalwood to your daily routine, why not try our new Salt of the Earth Amber & Sandalwood Natural Deodorant? Comprising 100% natural ingredients and providing long-lasting protection from body odour, this new gender-neutral natural deodorant will keep you fresh all day long, without the use of synthetic chemicals which block the skin’s pores.

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Header image credit: Kinshuk Sunil, Flickr.


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