Aloe Vera - The Super Hero for Skincare

Aloe Vera - The Super Hero for Skincare - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

Aloe Vera is the well-known super hero of the natural skincare world, incorporated into a vast array of personal care products including, moisturiser, cleanser, shampoo, deodorant, after sun and acne treatments. For an extra health boost, you can even eat it!

The leaves of this stemless plant are fleshy and green and when cracked open release the natural Aloe Vera Juice, which can be applied directly to the skin.  It has healing and anti-inflammatory properties, is rejuvenating, soothing and can reduce skin inflammations and itchiness.  

We use organic Aloe Vera in all our Salt of the Earth natural deodorant sprays, taking advantage of its natural antibacterial and moisturising properties, which are ideal for those sensitive underarm areas.


Top 6 Natural Uses for Aloe Vera


1. Antioxidant and antibacterial

Aloe vera contains powerful antioxidants that help to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause infections and inflammation.


2. Accelerates the healing of burns

Commonly used to treat sores and burns, including sunburn, studies have found Aloe Vera can reduce the healing time of burns in comparison to conventional medication.


3. Anti-ageing

Aloe vera is often used in anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing products as the gel has been found to slow the aging of the skin by increasing collagen production and improving skin elasticity.  


4. Treating and reducing acne

Aloe vera gel can work as a natural remedy for the treatment of acne, reducing redness and inflammation, while its antimicrobial properties help to prevent further blemishes from forming.


5. Natural moisturiser

Some people use aloe vera as a daily moisturiser as it cleanses and softens the skin without clogging pores.


6. Whole body health

Eating aloe vera can aid digestion, boost the immune system, improve cardiovascular health and provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 


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