All Praise the Honeysuckle!

All Praise the Honeysuckle! - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

You might see ‘honeysuckle extract’ included in the ingredients lists of some of the Salt of the Earth natural deodorants.  But what health benefits does this popular garden plant provide, and why should you consider adding more honeysuckle to your life? 

Here’s our Top Ten reasons to harness that honey(suckle)…

  1. Headache relief
    The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of honeysuckle make it a wonderful natural remedy to cure headaches. 
  1. Improved immunity and fever treatment
    Sipping honeysuckle tea with a little amount of honey can boost your immune system and help you fight colds and flu. It also provides instant relief from high fever and helps soothe sore throats and coughs.
  1. Protection against viral and bacterial infections
    Honeysuckle tea is believed to aid the elimination of infection-causing germs that cause strep, tuberculosis and salmonella.
  2. Relief from Asthma
    Honeysuckle helps soothe the irritation that often accompanies bronchitis, asthma and other lung conditions.
  1. Aromatherapy
    The oil extracted from honeysuckle is a great aromatherapy oil, helping alleviate mental and physical stress, leaving you feeling calm and tranquil.
  2. Natural diuretic and detoxifier
    Honeysuckle is a good detoxing agent for the body, getting rid of excess fluids and detoxing the blood and liver. 
  1. Skincare benefits
    Thanks to its excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, honeysuckle oil works wonders to relieve skin rashes and blemishes. Additionally, it is also believed to offer relief from sunburn and minor burns.
  1. Gargles and mouthwash
    Honeysuckle leaves have great astringent abilities and can be used in preparing gargles and mouthwash.
  1. Problem free digestive system
    The buds of honeysuckle flowers can be efficiently used to treat various digestion related disorders. It is also found to be highly effective in alleviating intestinal infections, thanks to its great anti-inflammatory effects.
  1. Relief from nausea
    Honeysuckle tea has been found to be effective in the relief of nausea.


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