Hoe lang gaan onze Salt of the Earth Deodorants mee?

How long do our Salt of the Earth Deodorants last for? - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

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  • Salt of the Earth Team on

    Hi Daniel, sorry to hear about your spray pumps. If you try pumping the spray pump 10 times it sometimes clears the blockage. If not, send us an email on our contact us page and we will get it sorted for you. Kind regards, Salt of the Earth Team

  • Rachel on

    I can confirm that the roll-on and the crystal deodorant last for ages. I have changed from using the crystal deodorant (for no good reason, other than a change). Over the years that I have been using the crystal, it has always lasted over a year; the roll-on lasts over 6 months. So – it’s long lasting, it’s effective, and good value; I am a long term fan

  • Daniel on

    We love your deodorant and use your spray on refills. However we find that the spray mechanism on the 100ml bottles stops working after a couple of refills. We thought maybe it is getting clogged up so have tried sticking a sewing pin in the nozzle and soaking the nozzle in hot water but these things do not work. What can you suggest to get the spray mechanism working again?

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