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Welcome to the Kids' Collection at Salt of the Earth! Here, we believe that kids deserve the best natural care, just like adults. Our specially formulated natural deodorants are gentle on young skin, free from controversial chemicals, and perfect for the energetic lifestyles of kids. With playful scents and vibrant packaging, our deodorants make hygiene fun and exciting for kids aged 6+.

So while all of our products are suitable for kids to use, we've picked some of our best fresh and fruity fragrances that we think they'll love!

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Freshness and Beyond: Amazing Benefits of Our Natural Deodorants


Suitable From 6+

Salt of the Earth sprays are suitable for the whole family! With so many
scents to choose from, there's bound to be something for everyone!


Made In The UK

All our sprays are made in our Chandler's Ford warehouse!


Long Lasting Protection

Our deodorant sprays provide long-lasting protection against body odour, all while letting your body sweat naturally.


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Ocean & Coconut Natural Roll-On Deodorant 

Perfect for my 7 years old daughter It is fantastic. Doesn't leave a white mark and it dries fast. It lasts all day. Suitable for children.

Fresh Strawberry Natural Deodorant Spray 100ML 

Would thoroughly recommend.We had tried a couple for my 11 year old & the deodorant wasn’tcutting it. The strawberry anti perspirant is great & no body odour smells even after PE!

Rock Chick Deodorant 90g 

Bought for my daughter (8) as wanted something natural, this has been great! No smells and easy to use!

Rock Chick Deodorant 90g 

We bought this for our 6year old daughter. Great value if you think about how long it'll last and the price up to a standard deodorant. She has sensitive skin and this hasn't affected it at all. Great product.

Ocean & Coconut Refillable Roll-On

I bought coconut and ocean scented roll on for my 10year old daughter and I can honestly say it's been Amazing! Kind and gentle to her skin, lasts awhile, smells divine! Highly recommend, very reasonable priced to, came very quickly in the post, all natural ingredients no added nasty chemicals.

Rock Chick Deodorant 90g

I bought this sceptically, for my 7 year old. I felt like she’s way too young but at the same time something needed doing. We used it on the morning and she came back from school with no smells, it was actually such a relief it worked, I was so worried other kids would pick up on it and make comments at her but this has been amazing!